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Welcome to Rotogran International Inc.

Established in 1982, ROTOGRAN INTERNATIONAL INC is Canada's leading manufacturer of grinders, granulators, custom conveyors, scrap handling systems, and complete closed-loop granulator systems for the plastics and recycling industries.

Located in a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility just north of Toronto, Ontario, we manufacture a full line of quality granulators. Standard grinder chamber sizes range from 8" x 8" to 44 " x 78", with capacities from 200 to 10,000 lbs/hr, and horsepower from 3 to 500 (larger sized granulators or shredders are also available on request).

Rotogran, for more than twenty five years, is manufacturing and supplying plastic granulators to the injection molding, extrusion, thermo forming, and blow molding industries.

Along with our line of plastic granulators, we can also supply shredders and choppers used in the recycling industry. A wide range of blower / cyclone systems are available to evacuate the granulator and transport the granules into your receiving container.

We have the ability to manufacture and supply combo units, stacking a shredder or a chopper on top of a granulator for direct grinding, thereby saving valuable floor space by eliminating the need of a custom conveyor.

Rotogran feed conveyors can be fitted with a metal detector to protect the grinder from metal contamination. The grinder can also be protected from excessive wear with Tungsten Carbide coated replaceable inserts, located inside the grinder chamber. Rotogran grinders can also be custom built to your specific scrap handling or recycling needs.

We have the knowledge and experience to custom-design any closed loop granulator system to best suit your need, for the in-line scrap handling of injection molding, blow-molding, extrusion, and recycling operations.